Our community

Queens Boundary Community (QBC)

We have strong links to QBC. We often provide space for community events such as the Summer Pop-Up pub, QBC Quiz night amongst other community events.

Waltham Forest Citizens

We are committed members of the Waltham Forest Citizens alliance, which has 11 organisations in membership is a total membership of 12,000 people. We have been members of TELCO for over 10 years and are committed members of Waltham Forest Citizens. WF Citizens is an alliance of 11 organisations across faith and education. We have worked alongside 12,000 members to hold campaigns that work for the common good.–

Companion Relationship with EDNP

We have international links not least with the Philippines. We share a companion relationship with the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Philippines (EDNP), which enables visiting priests from the Philippines to have exposure into the working practices of clergy life in the Church of England.–